At BLASH Studios, Artist Development is our process of working closely with you, the artist, to help hone your craft and create amazing material. Whether you’re a solo artist, in a band, or are a manager representing an artist, our goal is to help you achieve your professional goals. We offer a full range of instruction, recording, producing, and consulting to kickstart your career. We have an entire band comprised of Seattle’s absolute best musicians to collaborate with when you’re ready to record either covers or your very own original songs.

Solo & Group Instruction

We've worked with all sorts of artists across all genres. We provide 1-on-1 instruction directly to our artists, whether they're solo or in a band. Are you looking to take your skills to the next level?

Producing & Engineering

We produce and engineer your sound at the highest quality. We can work with you on demos, singles, EPs, or full-length, full-production albums. We can bring you in to work on your live sound as well.

Songwriting & Arrangement

Great songwriters hold their work in an open palm, not a closed fist. We help you refine your lyrics and song structure to help your work be as powerful as possible for your audience.


We work with many other artists who are always happy to offer their time and talent to collaborate with you. Whether its lyrics or music, we love to contribute to the creative process.

Studio Musicians

We work with a huge network of professional musicians on a regular basis. From string arrangers to drummers, we can bring people in to take your work to the next level.

Audio Production & Instruction

Do you love the complexity of setting up and running a recording studio? We're always looking to train people with a passion for the more technical aspects of audio engineering.


Reach out to us today to get started.